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Global timber expertise

Our mission: Delivering the best suitable timber for our customers’ individual needs and requirements.

At KULLIK Group, we look back at more than 125 years of experience. This experience, combined with our passion for timber and our global network of offices and partners made us one of the leading timber agents and traders. Through our global network, we connect you with the best producers to meet your requirements precisely and deliver high-quality products at market-driven prices.

Kullik Group

Kullik Timber

From our network in the sawmill and wood processing industry, KULLIK Timber specialises in supplying finished products for building and construction. We offer a wide range of products, from solid structural timber to glulam/glued-laminated timber and wood-based materials. We can supply suitable construction timber for all your nneds. You can also rely on us for glued semi-finished products.

Kullik Holzagentur

KULLIK Holzagentur looks back on over 50 years of experience. With this know-how and the supplier relationships that have formed over such a long time, we have developed a sophisticated supply concept for the timber trade as well as a diversified product structure. This enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to your demands and to supply the right timber.

Kullik Gill & Robinson

KULLIK Gill & Robinson is our timber agency in the UK, through which we supply timber from our global suppliers to UK merchants, manufacturers and importers. Founded in 1889, the company’s employees have a large network, excellent know-how and many years of experience in timber imports.

Quay Timber Kullik

Quay Timber KULLIK, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, offers a wide range of timber products for interior and exterior use. The diverse range of materials is aimed at traders and DIY enthusiasts who want to refurbish, convert or build from scratch. In addition to the actual timber products, Quay Timber KULLIK also offers the required tools and accessories.

CKB Kullik

KULLIK CKB Logistics specialises in the transport of timber and timber products. As in-house logistics, CKB Logistics is perfectly integrated into the company network and is therefore able to deliver quickly and flexibly worldwide.

Kullik Timber Treatment Service

Having modern timber treatment plants based at both Goole and Sheerness, we can offer all our products with either low or high pressure treatment. With the ability to mix both clean and treated goods on the same load you have the flexibility to buy the exact specification that best suits your business.

Kullik USA

Kullik USA Corp is the USA arm of Kullik & Rullmann AG working with specialty products, as well as wholesale distribution. With the help of the Kullik Timber brands, together we offer logistics, supply and customer service to our USA partners.